Informed. Empowered. Engaged.

Team focused collaboration for today's workforce.

A revolution is occurring in the workplace!
Remote workers, flexible hours, self-managed teams and collaborative workspaces are on the rise!
Success today requires workplace systems that foster team productivity regardless of where and when employees work.


Businesses run on people, not spreadsheets

Your employees are more than resource items on project spreadsheets; they're problem solvers and thinkers. Empower your workforce with goal oriented teamwork, collective intelligence, and open collaboration.
Behold all that gets done.


Ss 1

People, progress and results

Track individual accomplishments on the way towards team and organizational goals. Promote co-worker collaboration and progress with work activity feeds. Keep everyone informed and accountable for important deliverables and milestones.

Ss 2

Monitor company goals

Get an overview across all teams—so you know which areas in your company need help. Keep track of how every project or milestone contributes to your business goals. Keep everyone accountable so they focus on work that affects your bottom line and vision.

Empowers today's workforce

The workforce is changing. Distributed teams and increased demand for remote and flexible work arrangements are impacting how your teams collaborate. Our software enables your teams to stay connected and productive regardless of where and when they work.

Collaborate across departments

Embrace collaboration throughout your business. Set up special-purpose or project teams with employees from different departments. Create job affiliations teams so employees with similar roles can share knowledge and experience.

Accomplish more together

Create secure workspaces for your business teams. Collaborate on goal driven assignments, deliverables and milestones. Publish, discover and search company documentation. Participate in team Q&A and knowledge sharing. Foster team progress, monitor employee engagement, and celebrate your results.

Create and manage departments

Manage employee access

Set milestones

Collaborate on deliverables

Team discussions & status updates.

Create team projects

Q&A forums / Knowledge Exchange

Documentation & Requirements

Plan meetings

Share files and attachments

Track progress & goals

Runs on the cloud

Your employees have never been this productive

Reduce hours wasted on coordinating team and company goals